Double Album


Oh Why

Never gonna find myself
Don't know where I'm gonna look
Getting so behind myself
Tryin to play it by the book
Every day my head is turning grey
The hours are never worth the pay
The view is always getting in my way 
Keep on searching for the hook

And I try 
For the sky
Oh why

Never gonna write the blues
Cause I'm not lying underneath
Worked at getting over you
But you're still riding with the chief
Every day there's a price to share
It keeps me happy in my care
I can't get up out of this sticky chair
Sharks are waiting on the reef

I try
For the sky
Oh why

Goodbye security
Welcome unsafe
Hello obscurity
Eat summer cake
Goodbye my lonely ones
You've grown so fast
Wait till tomorrow comes
Bite on the mast

Worried that I don't exist
Don't know what is really real
Keep on making endless lists
All the things I never feel
Every day there is a man to meet
Coming running up the street
The deadline's comin with a heavy beat
Big reversal in the deal

(lyrics: Pete Brown)